Hipster Trout Pro Pack “Classic Series”


The Trout Pro Pack, featuring The Hipster, showcases a classic spinner design elevated with tomorrows technology. Boasting a swing blade for optimal rotation, an extra-thick stainless-steel shaft to reduce bending, and solid brass beads for added casting weight and improved swimming depth, The Hipster comes with Eagle Claw 3X hooks. The pack includes 5 spinners at 1/8 oz. each, neatly organized in its dedicated carrying case. Choose from the Arctic, Classic or Flash series for your angling preferences.

Great for Trout, Panfish and Bass.

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The Hipster Trout Pro Pack “Classic Series” 1/8 oz.
• Dirty Brass “White Bead”
• Nickel “Chartreuse Bead”
• Clown “Fire Red Bead”
• Hot Mess “Fire Red Bead
• Dirty Hippie “White Bead”

Great for Trout, Panfish and Bass


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