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Experience the unmatched allure of the Frizz Spoon Double Pack, a legendary fishing lure that has been captivating anglers since 1952. Crafted entirely in the USA with precision and care, the Frizz boasts an irresistible action that entices fish with every cast.

Whether you’re fishing for trout, crappie, perch, or other panfish, the Frizz is your ultimate ally in the pursuit of wary prey. Its versatile design ensures success whether you’re fishing deep or shallow, fast or slow. With the Frizz, you’ll enjoy unparalleled performance on both spinning and fly rods.

Join generations of satisfied anglers who swear by the Frizz’s effectiveness. With over 70 years of proven success, the Frizz Spoon Double Pack is more than just a lure—it’s a legacy of excellence in fishing.

Frizz’s Spoon: Available in Nickel/Gold plating, Dark Earth, Fluorescent Colors, Candy and many other options.

Hofmann’s Lures Inc. – MADE IN USA!  Since 1952

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Frizz’s Spoon 3/32 oz. per double pack

“Double Pack” Available in Nickel/Gold plating, Dark Earth, Fluorescent Colors, Candy and many other options.

Tail Colors: Yellow, White, Chartreuse, Orange, Red, Blue or Black

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Tail Color

1/2 Card, 6 pack, Black, Blue, Card, Chartreuse, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

6 reviews for Frizz – Nickel

  1. Anton Briggs (verified owner)

    Found theses because of YouTube channel called Dominate Fishing. Great for Crappie!

  2. Jeffro

    found these also on Dominate Fishing youtube channel , y’all need to give this guy some for putting the word out on your product. fixing to place a order.

  3. anh le (verified owner)

    Same here. Never heard of the Frizz’s spoon until Dan Meyer @ Dominate Fishing recommended it

  4. Tony pendleton

    My uncle used these 40 yrs ago , so did I Awesome lure gave 79 cents back then. lol

  5. Gary Adams

    To those of you who have never tried these; buy them! They are crappie killers. While on a fishing trip 45 years ago in Wisconsin a local bait shop had them. At the suggestion of the owner my father and I each bought a card. We went back every year to the same location to fish and always stopped in the bait shop to purchase the frizz spoon. Today, I am still fishing although my father passed, I have an original card with the lures framed and a picture of my father and I. I have passed some down to my son who uses them. These are the best secret of crappie fishing. I was happy to see someone picked up the legacy and kept this company going. Thank you from a second generation of fishermen.

  6. Simon Fraser

    Used these for 30 or 40 years now love em best crappie lures ever!

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