The Easy Clip & Spin Trout SKINZ-I


The Easy Clip & Spin is a game changer for spinner anglers. The angler can change blades on a spinner in seconds. This gives the appearance of a new lure without going through the process of changing lures. The Easy Clip & Spin lure kit will feature a nickel blade attached as the primary blade and come with one of our Trout Pro 3 pack selections “Trout SKINZ I, Trout SKINZ II, FLASH or ARCTIC”. Individual Trout Pro packs can be purchased separately. The Easy Clip & Spin is 100% Made In The USA and hand assembled in Greenville, PA.

1/8 oz. — 1/6 oz.

Great for Trout, Steelhead, Salmon, Bass, Walleye and Pike.

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Our New Easy Clip & Spin with interchangeable blades. Change blades “in seconds” not lures .

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#0 3/32, #1 1/8 oz., #2 1/6 oz.


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