<strong>Our Story</strong> 1The story of Hofmann's Lures is a tale of passion, craftsmanship, and a commitment to creating high-quality fishing lures. Jack Hofmann, a toolmaker, and avid angler, embarked on this journey in 1952 driven by a desire to craft lures that would truly excel in catching fish. Jack's unique advantage was his ability to manufacture the necessary tools, granting him control over both the design and manufacturing processes.

Dedicated to perfection, Jack fine-tuned his creations to ensure consistent motion irrespective of depth and water pressure, making his lures remarkably effective in attracting and catching fish. Emphasizing not only effectiveness but also durability, he used 100% marine brass on the spoons, along with extra-heavy stainless steel split rings. Jack's wife, Rose, played a crucial role in the business, assisting with assembly and handling shipping responsibilities.

For many years, Hofmann's Lures were primarily distributed through word of mouth and ads in magazines and newspapers, building a loyal following among fishermen. In 1986, as Jack and Rose found it challenging to manage the growing business, they passed the torch to their grandson Scott Johnson. The family tradition continued under Scott's stewardship until 2006 when Denis Short and Steve Spitzer took over, maintaining the legacy of direct sales.

A significant turning point came in 2008 when Bass Pro Shops discovered Hofmann's Lures and began featuring them in Bass Pro Shops stores. This exposure brought the brand to a broader audience and marked a new chapter in its history.

In 2018, the ownership of Hofmann's Lures transitioned to the Dunbar family. Eager to expand the brand's reach, The Dunbars moved the business from Greenville, OH, to a facility in Greenville, PA. As an avid fisherman, Dave Dunbar expanded the product selection in 2019 by introducing spinner baits, incorporating thick stainless-steel shafts for increased durability. The commitment to quality was further evident with the use of Eagle Claw hooks on the new spinner line.

In 2024, Hofmanns introduced the innovative Easy Clip & Spin series spinners, a game-changer for anglers, allowing them to change blades quickly and easily. Concurrently, Hofmanns modified some popular lure models, including the Mitey-Mite, Specialists, Queen, and King spoons, eliminating the center rivet hook mount in favor of a split ring attachment.

Throughout these transitions, one thing remains constant: the proud manufacturing of Hofmann's Lures in the USA. Under the Dunbars’ ownership, the brand continues to honor its rich legacy while embracing innovation and expansion, ensuring that anglers can rely on Hofmann's Lures for effective and durable fishing lures."

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