Trout Fishing with Spinners: How to Choose the Perfect Color!

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Trout Fishing with Spinners: How to Choose the Perfect Color! 1


Hey there, fellow trout anglers! If you’re like me, you understand the joy and excitement that comes with spinner fishing for trout. But have you ever wondered how to choose the perfect color spinner to maximize your chances of landing more trout? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, I’ll share my experiences as a seasoned trout angler and provide you with valuable insights on color selection when using spinners.

Understanding Trout Vision

Trout have remarkable vision, and understanding how they perceive colors is essential to selecting the right spinner. These wary fish can see a wide range of colors, but their vision underwater is influenced by various factors. The clarity of the water and the available light play significant roles in how well trout perceive colors. So, let’s dive into different water and seasonal conditions and what colors fit those conditions.

Color Recommendations for Different Water Conditions

Let’s take a closer look at specific water conditions and the recommended spinner colors for each.

1. Clear Water

In clear water, subtlety is key. Stick to natural colors such as brown, olive, or silver to imitate the forage trout are accustomed to. Personally, I’ve had great success with a silver spinner that reflects the light and mimics the flash of small fish.

In low clear water I will sometimes use a smaller spinner in brass or nickel platting.

2. Stained Water

When the water has a bit of stain to it, trout rely more on their ability to see contrasts. Brighter colors like orange, chartreuse, or firetiger are excellent choices. These vibrant hues create a stark contrast against the darker water and increase the chances of attracting trout.

Adding a touch of UV or glow-in-the-dark paint to your spinner can work wonders in stained water. It gives your lure an extra glow and makes it more visible, even from a distance.

3. Murky or Muddy Water

Fishing in murky or muddy water can be challenging, but not impossible. In these conditions, trout rely heavily on their sense of vibration and the noise created by the spinner’s movement. Choose dark colors like black, brown, or purple, as they create a silhouette that stands out in the murky water.

To increase visibility, try using larger spinners that create more disturbance in the water. The added vibrations can grab the attention of trout and trigger a strike.

Seasonal Color Preference

Trout behavior and food preferences can change with the seasons, and so should your color selection. Let’s explore the recommended color choices for each season.

1. Spring

During the spring, trout are actively feeding and often target small baitfish or insect larvae. Colors that imitate natural prey like silver, gold, or brown work well during this season. Adjusting the size and weight of your spinner to match the water temperature can also make a difference.

2. Summer

As summer arrives, trout seek cooler waters, often residing in deeper pools. Deep blue, green, or black spinners mimic the darker depths and attract trout in these conditions. Additionally, consider using heavier spinners that can reach the desired depths more effectively.

3. Fall

With the changing foliage, leaves falling and the water temperature dropping the trout will come out of the depths and return to a more normal feeding pattern.  Colors that imitate natural prey like silver, gold, or brown will become my go to colors again.

4. Winter

Winter trout fishing can be challenging due to the slower metabolism of the fish. Use small spinners in white, silver, or pale colors to imitate the appearance of suspended food sources. Slow and subtle retrieves often work best in colder waters.

Experimentation and Adaptation

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to color selection. The key is to experiment and adapt your choices based on the trout’s behavior and responses. Keep a fishing log and write down the successful color combinations you’ve used in different conditions. This record will serve as a valuable reference for future fishing trips.


Choosing the perfect color spinner can significantly increase your chances of hooking trout. By understanding trout vision, considering water conditions, and tailoring your color choices to each season, you’ll be well-equipped to entice those finicky trout to strike. So, get out there, try different colors, and have fun exploring the exciting world of spinner fishing for trout. Tight lines and happy fishing!


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