Our New Brand for 2020 “Superior Spinners “

Superior Spinner Release 2020

Hofmann’s Lures Inc. takes great pride in producing products of the highest quality.  This has been the standard for almost 70 years.  Our new Brand for 2020 is called Superior Spinners and the name is derived from the standard we strive to achieve.

The S^2 InLine spinner series is composed of the highest quality components that are made in the USA.   HLI has raised the bar when it comes to manufacturing InLine Spinners.  We are utilizing the heaviest gauge stainless steel wire in the industry for spinners of this size.  This reduces shaft bend that would render the lure worthless.  The larger shaft also reduces clevis wobble and adds additional weight.  Our french blades are made of .025” brass that emit more sound than the standard .018” used by other manufactures.  The thicker blades also add weight and durability.  Our clevis bearing and body add excellent weight distribution and are streamlined not to effect blade rotation.   At the end of the S^2 is the only hook made in the USA " Eagle Claw ”.  We have chosen Eagle Claw not only because they are made in the USA, but they are also the best hook for our product.

Our fish attracting properties are led by our new proprietary Trout Skin Images and our Classic Series.   HLI embraces technology and the partners we work with have helped bring these new images to life.  The application used to apply the new images is durable and very realistic.   This new technology will be used to grow our library of images and apply them to the original Hofmann’s Lures that we know and love.

HLI's new InLine spinner is a fantastic choice for fishing streams, rivers, ponds and lakes.   It is best used for Trout fishing, Bass fishing and Panfish, but they also can be used for larger predatory fish.  Whatever species you like to target, there is a good chance the Superior Spinner can be a beneficial tool.

We at Hofmann’s Lures Inc. are very excited about the Superior Spinner Brand and we hope you are too.

It is more than just a fishing lure to us. Our New Brand for 2020 “Superior Spinners “ 1


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  1. Karma
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    Sounds exciting.

  2. Curt Stuhltrager
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    Thanks for giving me info. On a product from
    the Traveling Trout Company.

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